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How to possible solution to counter no picture issue on your Roku TV

The streaming device has got many killer features to impress you. Streaming experience gets even better with Roku tv. But, when you start getting trouble with the picture quality of your tv, then there needs to be some sort of solutions. Get the possible solutions to counter the no picture issue on your tv.

How are you doing with your entertaining streaming device? Well, I know there are so many adorable answers you have to explain the promising services that you are getting with the astonishing streaming device. With its amazing services and features, the streaming device has led the market as one of the finest streamers in the market. This is the reason; the superlative streaming device is adding many potential new streamers around the world. So, for all the new users the foremost thing is to get started with the streaming device. By heading to Roku com link, you can easily get the detailed information to get started with the streaming device. Besides this, when you get started, don’t forget for Roku update, as having an update Roku player will lead you to get the latest updates regarding the device.

Apart from these, having an extraordinary capability of providing the best streaming content, Roku player seems annoying when you get it connected to your tv. And still, you are not getting the picture on your tv screen. This is the reason we are here with some possible solutions, which may work or may not. There is also some kind of Roku link code which you might have to encounter when you will be prescribed to perform the required process.  Well, right now let’s crack down the possible solutions for the no picture problem.
  1. First check the front light of your Roku player, which demonstrates the power light. If you are able to see the power light, then give a try to these options-
  • Ensure that your video cable is properly linked with your Roku player and your TV.
  • Also, ensure that your receiver or TV is also is tuned to the right input. (Locate the button named “Source”, “Input” or “Video” or something similar.)
        2. If you don’t counter any kind of power light on your Roku player, then head to the following      possible remedies.

  • The first thing which you need to locate is that if you are using the TV’s USB port to power your Roku player, then ensure that the micro USB cable is linked tightly to your TV’s USB port.
  • If you still don’t get the way out to counter the no picture issue, and your player is right now using the power from the TV’s USB port, then try out connecting the power with the working power wall outlet with the use of AC adaptor.
  • The last layman solution that you can try out with your Roku player, is only by connecting your Roku player with another TV. This will ensure whether the Roku player is working correctly. If these solutions don’t give you the results, then head to Www Roku com support for expert assistance. The expert team will provide you the possible solutions with a detailed procedure. 


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