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Simple Steps to Create a Favorite List for Roku Streaming Channels

Creating a list of favorite channels allows its users to quickly access their favorite Roku streaming channels for antenna TV input. So here we have the steps to create a list of favorite channels for viewing the link for them at one place.
Users can mark the streaming channels as favorite while they are viewing them through Antenna TV input on their Roku TV. The Favorite list will contain the list of favorite marked frequently accessed channels excluding rest other channels. You can even hide and delete channels from that favorite list. For this, you need to open the “Settings” menu and select the option for TV input. Go to the “Antenna TV” settings to “Edit channels.” By Editing the channels, you can hide or delete the channels available in your favorite list. Go through the following steps to add channels to your favorite list:Hold down the left directional button present on your Roku remote. It will open up the list of channels. Channels appear according to their alphabetical serie…

How To Troubleshoot Roku Error Code 014? Here Are Some Steps

Roku is a great device when it comes to streaming video playback. It is one of the top hardware manufacturers which is dedicated to internet TV. Roku has made a name out of itself for making top end players for streaming media as well as mobility based stick devices having the same functionality. Users can use features of Roku after an initial Roku Account Setup. Once the setup has been done, users can now simply use their hardware. In this article, we will discuss some of the issues which Roku has in error codes. What is error code 014? There can be a lot of error codes on product and service based entities. Roku is not just an online service but is also a hardware. Users have to interact with Roku tech from the beginning which is Roku Com LinkOnce the linking procedure of Roku hardware and account has been done, then we move on to its OS. Hence, technical interaction is at all points in the service. Error codes create a mess when it comes to servicing laymen. Users generally do not…

How to Troubleshoot Some Common Roku Issues?

While using Roku, you might face everyday problems like poor picture quality, remote not working, etc. So today we have prepared the following module to provide a solution for all those problems at one place.
Many of us find different problems with Roku boxes like sometimes we are not able to connect our box with the internet, the picture quality is not exceptional, blue/black screen issues, remote not working, etc. These all problems have different reasons behind them thus here we will know the cause of these errors with a solution to overcome them. Some Roku issues with their solution:1. Unable to connect to Wi-Fi: Sometimes you might not be able to get connected to your Wi-Fi. It might occur both with a wireless and hard-wired connection. So you won’t be able to stream the content without internet connection
Solution: If you are using a wired connection then, verify that the Ethernet cable you are using for the internet is properly connected. Try to power cycle the device i.e. remove…

Roku Versus Chromecast Report By E-Marketer

Although there’s a tough competition going on between streaming devices still Roku is rocking the market. Here is a small performance review for Roku v/s Chromecast based on the report by e-Marketer.
Google Chromecast tried a lot to market itself to become the most heard device, but in spite of making these efforts, it didn’t gain much success as the Roku got. Around four years back Chromecast introduced Google to the market, but till now it has not been able to compete Roku.
E-marketers report says that Roku has 168.1 million U.S customer base at present for this year. This figure is almost 10% more than the previous year’s count. The majority of its new users are the people who have smart TV. Many of the smart TV users use the Roku Box with their TV while others use an in-built Roku application with their smart TV. In short, it represents that Roku has gained this 10 % increase in its popularity due to this availability of Smart TV’s with an in-built Roku application to enjoy stream…

Roku Switches To Programming By Launching Its Free Movie Channel

Besides being a manufacturer of streaming boxes Roku has now become a channel provider by releasing its own free channel named as “The Roku Channel.” For more information, please refer to the following passage.
After the completion of filing process for IPO, Roku introduced a self-owned free streaming channel for its users. Roku named this new streaming as “The Roku Channel.” Roku announced that this streaming channel would allow the access to more than hundreds of movie titles from top studios of Hollywood including Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate and Sony Pictures. For example “The Karate Kid” and the title “Legally Blonde.”
The chief marketing manager Mr. CMO Matt Anderson stated that many advertisements from different companies would accompany the streaming content on this Roku channel. He said that people need to worry about the add as the volume of ads will be almost half the amount of ads they get while streaming through other local streaming channels. He said t…

How can you manage the mode of payment for Roku account?

We need to setup a payment method to facilitate the paying of bills for our Roku subscription. Also, we might need to alter the settings if in case our card details change. Thus today we will discuss the steps to manage the payment method for Roku.
Once we purchase movies and shows from Roku channel store, then the Roku starts billing us, and we need to pay the bill for each month to be able to continue using its service. Initially, when we create a Roku account, we are asked to link it to the payment method. It is required to facilitate the payment of future bills. Adding or modifying the payment details do not create a charge to your Roku account so you can alter the payment method for any number of times you want. You will only be charged if purchase any movie or show using that account. Roku does not charge all channels as there are few channels for which you need to have direct payment method with the service provider of that channel. To setup, the payment method for your Roku ac…

Check out these free Roku games

Apart from the regular streaming of all the channels, if you want some gaming stuff, here is the list of all the free Roku games you should try out.
All Roku users, how your streaming experience is going on? Being in the list of Roku users, you must be streaming the classic lineup of your favorite content on the big screen. And if you are just about to start with the streaming device, then ensure that you have got the Roku com link to activate your Roku account properly. Besides this, you must have got your regular streaming stuff, but there is always need to switch to something else. So, are you in a gaming mood? Well, there are tons of free Roku games which you can play in your spare time. Snake- Most of you would know how good the old Snake was and because of this reason, it has got the major demand as the prime gaming choice. The whole game is quite same to the one we used to play with the feature phones. Because of Roku, you can now enjoy the game on your big screen. The difficult…

How to install Roku Ultra set top box?

Roku Ultra is an updated version of the existing Roku it comes with a 720p high definition picture quality with the Point anywhere remote control. Here are few steps to do the initial start up of the Roku Ultra box.
Roku Ultra is a streaming device with Ultra High definition 4K HDR content and comes along with the very smart remote that can be used to control the Roku inputs by pointing it in any direction in front of Roku box. The remote has the port to headphones, so you enjoy high sound quality by inserting your earphones with remote for watching shows. Although there is a guide for self-installing the Roku, still many people face issues in interpreting the steps mentioned in that guide thus bellow we have simple and easy steps to make your Roku Ultra working. Setup steps for Roku Ultra: Connect the one end of audio and video wire on Roku Ultra box Audio Video ports and then insert the other end of the audio and Video wires on the Audio port of your television.Attach the one end of …

What are the initial steps to setup Roku Express?

Here are few important configuration steps that might be useful to you while doing the setup of your new Roku express. So if you are facing difficulty in setting up your new Roku express device then go through the following installation guide.

Roku express is one of the media streaming devices that allows the users to stream online content. You can buy it at a very affordable price, and there is no monthly re-occurring charge for possessing this Roku Express. Roku express works with all types of televisions. You just need to connect it to the HDMI port on your T.V. You can use the HDMI wire that comes with the Roku for connecting it else if the HDMI wire short then you can get the another cable from any of the nearest Roku stores. So once you have your Roku Express box delivered then go through the following setup procedure.
First of all attach the Roku box physically with your television. So go through the wiring connections as stated in the self-installation kit you received with th…

Watch new titles on Netflix in June with Roku

One of the classic streaming services, Netflix, is bringing the lineup of all the new content in the upcoming month which you can watch out with Roku.
How your streaming is going with your Roku device? Undoubtedly, Roku has marked its place as one of the main players in the streaming devices category. With the extensive lineup of Roku channel store and dynamic features and services, Roku has gained its place as the key entertainer in the houses of all the potential users around the world. In the case, if you are a new user, then do head to www Roku Com link to get the link to activate your Roku account.    
In the extensive lineup of Roku channel store, Netflix is one of the prime channels which serves the top class content and eventually its library of content always get updated. That’s why we are here with the lineup of all the latest releases that are coming in the next month on Netflix. Here is the list.
Available from 1st June 2017 1 Night (2016)13 Going on 30 (2004) (Love.…

Why DIRECTV NOW not coming to Roku?

After claiming the arrival of DIRECTTV NOW channel in the Q1 of 2017, Roku has now shown his back by revoking the releasing date of the channel.
Are you doing great with your Roku device? By rendering the best entertainment on the big screen, the streaming device has marked its position as the perfect entertainer in every household. The lineup of quality features, services, and the ultimate Roku store has been one of the satisfactory reason for all the users out there.
With the growing competition, the company has shown its activeness in terms of upgrading the features and channels of the streaming device in order to deliver the much better streaming experience. But, this time the promise of adding up the brand new DIRECTTV NOW channel in the quarter 1 of this year is something that the company actually fails to deliver, which consequently making a negative impact on all the users who were waiting for the latest add-on in the channel store as soon as the company claimed in its release…

4K and Dolby Vision HDR made Affordable by latest Roku TVs of TCL

Now onwards Roku TVs from TCL will be more premium as the TCL has announced the pricing of their 4K Roku TVs that come with Dolby Vision HDR. When the Roku powered smart TVS were first introduced by TCL in the year 2014, the prime target of both the companies were budget conscious consumers. Those people are not ready to spend a penny on a Samsung smart TV and want to have the quick access of Netflix service without the help of any external streaming device. Now almost three years have passed and now TCL is beginning to move exclusive by introducing its first 4K Roku TV with Dolby vision HDR. For more information, you can take Roku Help.
Officially, TCL has announced two new higher priced lines along with the its existing budget models. The P series of the company combines Dolby vision HDR with the local dimming along with the screen sizes which range from 50 to 65 inches. Another line is C series line, which also features Dolby vision HDR and a more contemporary design; this is what …

Best Roku Channels that you must Watch

Your Roku lets you stream the content of your choice and gives you the access to countless channels that gives you a massive range of shows, series, movies, videos, sports, and much more. On Roku, there is no end for entertainment. Let’s check some of the best channels on Roku platform.
The streaming devices of Roku offers thousands of channels. Having a big selection is usually a good thing, but the chaff outweighs the wheat by a wide margin. If you want to get most out of your Roku device, you will need to find the best channels. Whether you want watch movies, binge TV shows or listen to music, there are apps that rise above the rest. Here are some of the channels that comes in the list of best channels. These are: Amazon Video Whether or not you subscribe to Amazon Prime, the Amazon Video channel is a worthwhile addition to your Roku. Those who dish out the $99 per year membership fee for Prime can stream a large selection of movies and rentals, as well as a growing number of origi…

TNT Now and TBS are now available on Roku

In the dynamic list of Roku channel store, Roku has got the add-ons of TNT Now and TBS which is now available to add in your streaming list.
All streamers, how your Roku experience is going with your big screen? When you have got one of the best streaming device on your side, it’s quite natural to have the best entertaining experience, after all there is the spectacular Roku channel store which has got the lineup of different sections holding up many fantastic channels that has proven to be the engaging factor for all the users out there. In the case, if you are a new starter of the streaming device, then don’t forget to go to Roku Com link to get the activation code easily in order to create your Roku account in a hustle free manner.

With the better competition, the company has been seem quite active in terms of getting integrated with other TV sets, like TCL, who is now planning to roll out its first Roku enabled 4K TV with the Dolby vision HDR. Apart from this update, the most comm…

3 Steps to Enjoy the best of Live & Streaming TV on Your Roku

You Roku streaming devices and players let you stream and watch both live and broadcast network. Today we have come up with a small three steps guide that will help you in enjoying the best of live and streaming TV. Let’s check out.
Do you love streaming movies and TV shows with your Roku streaming player or Roku TV, but also watch a lot of broadcast network channels? Depending on what you watch a Roku device, an over  the air antenna, a Tablo OTA DVR combo might be the right choice for you.
Most people with cable or satellite watch only 20 out of 200 channels included in their subscription with Sunday Night football, the evening news, or their favorite network sitcom being their go to programming. What you might know is that you can also watch those programs on your Roku device live or later by combining an over the air antenna (OTA), an OTA DVR like Tablo and select streaming services, for less money and with more flexibility. You can take Roku Helpto know more about your Roku playe…