How To Fix ‘No Sound’ Problem In Roku 3?

Are you facing a problem of ‘No sound’ with your Roku 3 player, then there is nothing to worry and there is no need to take support from Roku com link code. I am going to help you today. When you connect HDMI cable with your Roku player then you may get this problem.

This problem can be easily fixed by implementing the simple steps discussed in this blog post. The steps are quite easy and verified by the www Roku com link as well. I know if you are getting this problem on your Roku device, then you might feel upset or irritating with this condition. The permanent solution for this problem is yet not available on the official link but you can try the solution described in this blog post and it will definitely help you out.

I want to mention here that this problem is not related to Roku media streaming player but with the HDMI connection. You may experience this ‘no sound’ problem on other devices like TV boxes and Dish also that are connected to the TV with the help of HDMI cable.

The sound signals on HDMI port get upset mainly when you switch from one HDMI port to other. Here I am talking of Roku port, when you transfer your port from HDMI to Roku connected port then you might experience this problem and get Roku error code 001, 003,011 and 014. The Roku error code 014 is related to the connection problem. If your HDMI cable is not connected properly, then this code will be displayed on the screen. Today I am going to explain the steps to work around this problem.

Solution: If you want to play contents through Roku device, then don’t switch straightly from one HDMI port to the other that has connected Roku device. The right way to shift from HDMI to Roku port is that; first open the Non-HDMI port and wait for 5 seconds, then switch to the Roku port through your TV remote.

Select the right port from the list of available HDMI ports and switch on your Roku device. Take for example: if you have connected more than one device on your TV like DVD player on HDMI 1 and Direct TV on HDMI 2, and Roku 3 on HDMI 3, then first switch to normal TV followed by HDMI3 port. When you open the Roku device, then you will be required to enter the Roku link activation code for each and every channel which you want to stream

Use Roku remote to enter a Roku activation code in a relevant field. If you find that Roku remote not working, then check the batteries of your remote and replace them if required. Important: The most important thing that we can’t deny is that if you have connected DirecTV on one of your TV HDMI port, then this may be the reason for your problem. This has reported by many people that there TV goes dumb after playing DirecTV on smart TV. So you must deal with this problem instead of beating around the bush.

Another good news for you is Roku 4 is going to eradicate this problem through the firmware upgrade and you will not get the same ‘no sound’ problem with this newly released device. Moreover, the performance and speed of Roku 4 is far better than Roku 3 device. This is the latest and updated device. If you face the same issue on this device, then the problem is definitely in the HDMI but not with the device itself. Your Roku 3 is not waste, you can connect it on another Normal TV or gift it to your near and dear ones.

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  9. It's not that I get NO sound, my problem is sound on most but not all files. And not always on the same format. E.g. some .mkv files work, some don't. Most .mp4 files work but a few don't. Roku doesn't recognize .avi at all (no file listing in the media server app. ALL these files work fine on my PC but not on Roku. I'm streaming the files from an NAS to my TV through a local network (wired).

    1. Upon further investigation, and reading off-Roku commentary sites, I discovered that the .mp4 files that won't play, for some reason, have 6-channel sound. AnyDVD is able to convert them to aac 2 channel sound which Roku graciously accepts! I haven't checked the .mkv files for with the same problem. Will report back (if I can)/

  10. Sometimes Roku users have reported error messages on Roku device. If you are still experiencing any error while using Roku customer support phone number for further assistance.

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