Counter the issue of “low-power” warning on your Roku device

Streaming the finest range of content on Roku sometimes gets in trouble when the streaming player or stick gets the issue of “Low-power” warning. You can easily hunt down the issue with some fine tips. All new users can head to www Roku Com Link to get the link for activating their Roku account.  

Are you adoring the streaming experience with your Roku device? There is no doubt that the streaming device has embarked its position as one of the major players in the market. With the astounding features and amazing services, Roku has also grabbed the attention of eyeballs of potential users across the global boundaries. While streaming the Roku device, sometimes the user has to face the issue of Roku not connecting in a proper way. In case if you ever get this kind of issue, then you can head on for some basic solutions including checking the internet and server connectivity, checking the Firefox and proxy settings or resetting the device.

With the increasing pace of competition and technology, Roku has continuously put the efforts in order to improve the performance of the device by adding new features, services, and channels to its wings. The treasure of Roku content is amazingly supported by the dynamic streaming services including some big names like Netflix, HULU, and Amazon prime. Overall, all the streamers get the fine access of numerous of channels under different categories. But there are lots of other factors which also affects the streaming experience of all the users. All the new users who are just getting started with the device should ensure that their AVR cable is supporting the HDCP technology to get rid of the HDCP Unauthorized Roku issue.  

It's quite a known fact that to run your streaming device or stick, you need the proper amount of power in order to kick start your streaming device. While you can easily power your streaming device or stick by connecting it to the TV’s USB port. However, in some of the cases, the USB power for the streaming device is not up to the mark to give the proper power. Even though running the Roku device on low –power can lead to another issue, including crashing and instability. There are two conditions in which Roku showcase the low-power issue:
  1. Red Light flashing- There is a light in front of the unit of a Roku player. During normal condition, it is usually off or white. Even it also flashes when you press the button on the remote control. If it is showing a RED FLASH, then your device has low-power. If it is quite solid red, then it means that your device is overheating. In such condition, you need to unplug the player and remove it immediately.    
  2. Low-power warning- If your TV is providing insufficient power to the Roku streaming stick and Roku player, then you may get the following warning message. Well, you can try out some tips to overcome the issue.
  1. The first thing which you need to ensure is that you are using the USB cable which you got with your Roku device.
  2. You can also try out some other ports in order to resolve the issue.
  3. By using the included power adaptor, simply link your Roku streaming stick or Roku player to a working outlet. Linking the power outlet will minimize the chances of any power shortage.

If still, the problem persists, then navigate to Roku Help to get the expert assistance and guidance.  


  1. I had my Roku Express plugged into the USB connector on my 40" Element TV, and it worked perfectly fine for several years. However, one night a couple of months ago the WiFi went out from my router, apparently during a system update from the local Spectrum Cable provider.

    I noticed the Roku flashing, indicating loss of signal, so I immediately turned everything off and disconnected the Roku from the TV, both USB and HDMI connectors.

    After the signal came back and everything seemed ok, I plugged everything back in and turned everything back on. - It was at that point that I noticed a dark splotch that takes up about 2/3 of the screen, primarily to the left side,that has been there ever since.

    The TV is plugged into a very good quality surge protector, but there was never any loss of electrical signal, just WiFi only.

    I have since unplugged the Roku from the TV's USB connector, and am using the AC/USB adapter that came with the unit. But it doesn't appear to be making any difference.

    Can anybody offer any ideas or advice on what could have happened, and how I might be able to fix it? - I've had electronics training from the late 1980s to early 90s, so I am not exactly what you might call a novice; I just wasn't taught this type of technology.

    Any ideas or help would be appreciated very much. Thanks!

  2. Just got off phone with customer service, no help at all. I have had my RoKu for 2 years and for the last year I have been getting the insufficient power message constantly. The rep told me my RoKu was corrupted on my end from my computer and they would download software to fix it however it is 99.99 a year or I could buy a new RoKu. What a scam. I m switching to Apple TV
    Never again RoKu


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