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How can you manage the mode of payment for Roku account?

We need to setup a payment method to facilitate the paying of bills for our Roku subscription. Also, we might need to alter the settings if in case our card details change. Thus today we will discuss the steps to manage the payment method for Roku.
Once we purchase movies and shows from Roku channel store, then the Roku starts billing us, and we need to pay the bill for each month to be able to continue using its service. Initially, when we create a Roku account, we are asked to link it to the payment method. It is required to facilitate the payment of future bills. Adding or modifying the payment details do not create a charge to your Roku account so you can alter the payment method for any number of times you want. You will only be charged if purchase any movie or show using that account. Roku does not charge all channels as there are few channels for which you need to have direct payment method with the service provider of that channel. To setup, the payment method for your Roku ac…

Check out these free Roku games

Apart from the regular streaming of all the channels, if you want some gaming stuff, here is the list of all the free Roku games you should try out.
All Roku users, how your streaming experience is going on? Being in the list of Roku users, you must be streaming the classic lineup of your favorite content on the big screen. And if you are just about to start with the streaming device, then ensure that you have got the Roku com link to activate your Roku account properly. Besides this, you must have got your regular streaming stuff, but there is always need to switch to something else. So, are you in a gaming mood? Well, there are tons of free Roku games which you can play in your spare time. Snake- Most of you would know how good the old Snake was and because of this reason, it has got the major demand as the prime gaming choice. The whole game is quite same to the one we used to play with the feature phones. Because of Roku, you can now enjoy the game on your big screen. The difficult…

How to install Roku Ultra set top box?

Roku Ultra is an updated version of the existing Roku it comes with a 720p high definition picture quality with the Point anywhere remote control. Here are few steps to do the initial start up of the Roku Ultra box.
Roku Ultra is a streaming device with Ultra High definition 4K HDR content and comes along with the very smart remote that can be used to control the Roku inputs by pointing it in any direction in front of Roku box. The remote has the port to headphones, so you enjoy high sound quality by inserting your earphones with remote for watching shows. Although there is a guide for self-installing the Roku, still many people face issues in interpreting the steps mentioned in that guide thus bellow we have simple and easy steps to make your Roku Ultra working. Setup steps for Roku Ultra: Connect the one end of audio and video wire on Roku Ultra box Audio Video ports and then insert the other end of the audio and Video wires on the Audio port of your television.Attach the one end of …

What are the initial steps to setup Roku Express?

Here are few important configuration steps that might be useful to you while doing the setup of your new Roku express. So if you are facing difficulty in setting up your new Roku express device then go through the following installation guide.

Roku express is one of the media streaming devices that allows the users to stream online content. You can buy it at a very affordable price, and there is no monthly re-occurring charge for possessing this Roku Express. Roku express works with all types of televisions. You just need to connect it to the HDMI port on your T.V. You can use the HDMI wire that comes with the Roku for connecting it else if the HDMI wire short then you can get the another cable from any of the nearest Roku stores. So once you have your Roku Express box delivered then go through the following setup procedure.
First of all attach the Roku box physically with your television. So go through the wiring connections as stated in the self-installation kit you received with th…