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How To Troubleshoot Roku Error Code 014? Here Are Some Steps

Roku is a great device when it comes to streaming video playback. It is one of the top hardware manufacturers which is dedicated to internet TV. Roku has made a name out of itself for making top end players for streaming media as well as mobility based stick devices having the same functionality. Users can use features of Roku after an initial Roku Account Setup. Once the setup has been done, users can now simply use their hardware. In this article, we will discuss some of the issues which Roku has in error codes. What is error code 014? There can be a lot of error codes on product and service based entities. Roku is not just an online service but is also a hardware. Users have to interact with Roku tech from the beginning which is Roku Com LinkOnce the linking procedure of Roku hardware and account has been done, then we move on to its OS. Hence, technical interaction is at all points in the service. Error codes create a mess when it comes to servicing laymen. Users generally do not…

How to Troubleshoot Some Common Roku Issues?

While using Roku, you might face everyday problems like poor picture quality, remote not working, etc. So today we have prepared the following module to provide a solution for all those problems at one place.
Many of us find different problems with Roku boxes like sometimes we are not able to connect our box with the internet, the picture quality is not exceptional, blue/black screen issues, remote not working, etc. These all problems have different reasons behind them thus here we will know the cause of these errors with a solution to overcome them. Some Roku issues with their solution:1. Unable to connect to Wi-Fi: Sometimes you might not be able to get connected to your Wi-Fi. It might occur both with a wireless and hard-wired connection. So you won’t be able to stream the content without internet connection
Solution: If you are using a wired connection then, verify that the Ethernet cable you are using for the internet is properly connected. Try to power cycle the device i.e. remove…

Roku Versus Chromecast Report By E-Marketer

Although there’s a tough competition going on between streaming devices still Roku is rocking the market. Here is a small performance review for Roku v/s Chromecast based on the report by e-Marketer.
Google Chromecast tried a lot to market itself to become the most heard device, but in spite of making these efforts, it didn’t gain much success as the Roku got. Around four years back Chromecast introduced Google to the market, but till now it has not been able to compete Roku.
E-marketers report says that Roku has 168.1 million U.S customer base at present for this year. This figure is almost 10% more than the previous year’s count. The majority of its new users are the people who have smart TV. Many of the smart TV users use the Roku Box with their TV while others use an in-built Roku application with their smart TV. In short, it represents that Roku has gained this 10 % increase in its popularity due to this availability of Smart TV’s with an in-built Roku application to enjoy stream…

Roku Switches To Programming By Launching Its Free Movie Channel

Besides being a manufacturer of streaming boxes Roku has now become a channel provider by releasing its own free channel named as “The Roku Channel.” For more information, please refer to the following passage.
After the completion of filing process for IPO, Roku introduced a self-owned free streaming channel for its users. Roku named this new streaming as “The Roku Channel.” Roku announced that this streaming channel would allow the access to more than hundreds of movie titles from top studios of Hollywood including Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate and Sony Pictures. For example “The Karate Kid” and the title “Legally Blonde.”
The chief marketing manager Mr. CMO Matt Anderson stated that many advertisements from different companies would accompany the streaming content on this Roku channel. He said that people need to worry about the add as the volume of ads will be almost half the amount of ads they get while streaming through other local streaming channels. He said t…